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Brave The Wild Ep#111:Coyle, Nino Shine!

In the last Brave The Wild, we talked about the struggles of Charlie Coyle, and especially Nino Niederreiter to score, so what happens? Of course, both of them pick things up big time, highlighted by three spectacular goals by Coyle in 4 games! “Like” Brave The Wild on Facebook! @bravethewild Call into our Phone

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The Crossover Ep#168:2015 ends with a bang

The boys are back for episode 168 – the final one for 2015 – and one of the main talking points is the ordeal faced by Knicks young gun Cleanthony Early. The guys recap the past few weeks in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and look ahead to what they want out of 2016 for their

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Purple Mafia Ep#207:Peaking At The Right Time?

The Minnesota Vikings appear to be peaking at the right time, with another crushing victory, this time over the Giants 49-7. In the NFL however, is there ever a right time? Things can change oh so quickly, so the key word now becomes consistency! @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call In Line (209)

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#161:Caught Sleeping

The Minnesota Timberwolves were caught sleeping several times this week, especially defensively on the perimeter. The Wolves offensive awareness was also falling asleep time and again vs Indiana, with a remarkable 21 turnovers. (Also on Stitcher and Double Twist!) “Like” Timberwolves Explosion on Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at:209-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey

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Purple Mafia Ep#206:Bridgewater Buries Doubters

Teddy Bridgewater for the second straight week, played liked an elite level quarterback. Teddy was sharp, intense, confident, and unwavering, time after time. At 9-5, the Vikings chances of making the post season are a virtual lock, find out who we would play if the season started today! (Now also available on Stitcher!) @purplemafiashow

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Brave The Wild Ep#106:Breaking The Script!

The Minnesota Wild in previous years under Mike Yeo had developed a script, where every single late November/December, they would have a swoon, and his job would hang by a thread. As of the past three weeks, it appears our hockey club has indeed broken that tradition, and are playing like they did last February

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#160:Wile E. Coyote Wall

The Minnesota Timberwolves, game after game the past two weeks, would start things off well, and on cue every single time, would crash and burn in the second and third quarters, giving themselves minimal chance of coming back. The final two games we review, the Wolves finally regained a very important ingredient of what made

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Purple Mafia Ep#205:Close, But No Cigar

The Minnesota Vikings showed up to play in Arizona on Thursday night. Teddy Bridgwater comfortably eclipsed the 300 yard mark, showing he’s more than capable of being a quarterback in this league. Unfortunately, the fumble bug was back, despite outplaying the Cardinals to a point, the Vikings couldn’t finish the job, including the final play

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#159:SeeSaw Effect

This past week was a major frustration, and a strange seesaw effect seems to have emerged: It seems of late that when Wiggins is doing well, Towns’ numbers and playing time drop, and when Towns plays well, Wiggins production takes a hit, why? I don’t know. “Like” Timberwolves Explosion on Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into

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