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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#163:Moral Victories

The Minnesota Timberwolves started to accumulate moral victories, but when can we start to get real wins again? “Like” Timberwolves Explosion on Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at: 206-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey Awaijane [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Crossover Ep#169:Dissary

The guys are back to talk about the Nets firing both the Coach and GM as well as touching on the Knicks’ mini resurgence. There is never a dull moment with these two franchises! Hosted By: Rusty & PMAC [Audio clip: view full post to listen]


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Purple Mafia Ep#209:Three Deadly Sins

In this episode, we cover yet another heartbreak in Vikings history, to add to the long list. After an amazing effort, and a deadly cold arctic blast that helped slow Russell Wilson greatly, three deadly sins did the Purple in. @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call In Line (209) 736-7877 [Audio clip: view

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Brave The Wild Ep#112:Overtime Blues

The Minnesota Wild finally ended the New Years Eve curse, but after that had an up and down week. Minnesota only mustered a single point in the Florida two step, followed by a strong showing against Columbus, then wrapped things up with some sloppy play at home vs Philadelphia. Also on Stitcher & Double Twist!

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#162:Disconnect

The Minnesota Timberwolves, outside of the Utah game at Target Center, didn’t show up to play this past week, especially complete no shows against Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Also on Stitcher and Double Twist! “Like” Timberwolves Explosion on Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at:209-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey Awaijane [Audio clip: view full post

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Purple Mafia Ep#208:Battling The Demons

The Minnesota Vikings finally overcame the demons, in beating the Green Bay Packers on the road, on Sunday night football. With that said, there’s two demons beaten for now, there’s one more waiting for us at noon on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks, can the Purple beat this demon as well? Also Available on Stitcher &

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