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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#173:Thibs, Trades, Draft, and Playoffs!

Tom Thibideau, and Scott Layden have pretty much cleaned house of the former Timberwolves regime, like it or not. We discuss the continued direction of this team via trade rumors, and the draft. Later we get into the post season, and as always, get to all your posts on facebook and twitter! Also on Stitcher!

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Brave The Wild Ep#123:Boudreau’s Balance!

The Minnesota Wild were able to hit it big in the coaching search after all, when the Anaheim Ducks fired the accomplished Bruce Boudreau. The new coach stresses accountability, balance, and team leadership. We also discuss the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and eventually decide on a likely Cup Champion! @bravethewild Call into our Phone

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