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Brave The Wild Ep#157 Season Preview 2017-2018

The annual Minnesota Wild and NHL season preview is here! Your host talks extensively about what he expects this club to do this season, along with his expectations of each individual player. We then dive into the NHL preview, and talk about who the surprises, flops, and finalists will be, along with the eventual 2018

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Purple Mafia Ep#247:Coast Guard

Case Keenum is truly the “Coast Guard” as he has stopped the Buccaneers in all three times he’s started against Tampa Bay, much to our delight. Keenum was downright outstanding, showing his arm, accuracy, mobility, and best of all, showed he’s capable of winning a game in the pinch. Diggs and Thielen are not only

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Purple Mafia Ep#246:Yellow Towels And Flags

What a Minnesota type of thing, Bradford looks great, the o-line finally looks strong, so here comes week two: Bradford isn’t available, and the o-line is the same old story. In a game filled with dumb penalties, ticky-tack calls, and a depressing offense, the Vikings came back to reality in Pittsburg this week. Also on

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Purple Mafia Ep#245:Tainted Saints

The Minnesota Vikings saw what they can be with a solid offensive line. Yes, the Saints defense leaves something to be desired, but Sam Bradford was downright fantastic. Dalvin Cook broke the century mark in his first NFL game, and showed signs of NFL stardom. Adrian Peterson was greeted with boos, a smothering Vikings front

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Purple Mafia Ep#244:Season Preview 2017

The 10th season preview for Purple Mafia is here! We talk about the cuts, as the Minnesota Vikings are now at the coveted 53 man roster. Some surprise cuts, as there are every year, one very unexpected by most, in Alex Boone. Joey previews the NFC, and gives you his AFC and NFC conference Finalists,

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