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Purple Mafia Ep#186:Black And Bloopers

Things looked so good for Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings, especially when they went ahead 14-0 in Detroit. The Lions couldn’t even get a single first down well into the second quarter, while Bridgewater and co. were looking as sharp as ever… then came an overthrow that lead to an interception, and another…

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Purple Mafia Ep#185:Flight 17 Ready For Takeoff!

Yes it was an ugly game overall, yes there’s no reason the young Vikings should have to go to overtime against a 2-10 mess of a NY Jets team, but yes, Teddy Bridgewater made giant steps today. The defense missed key sacks, Walsh missed key FG attempts, Kalil almost got us killed again, and Patterson

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Purple Mafia Ep#184:Double Block

Minnesota Vikings did something they haven’t done since 1986, they blocked a punt. Then, the Vikings did something they haven’t done since 1983, and an NFL franchise hasn’t done since 1990, when they blocked a SECOND punt for a Touchdown. When a phenomenon like this happens, you’d hope to come out with a win, and

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Brave The Wild Ep#88:Attempting To Close The Gap

Well, after a six month hiatus, due to a crazy schedule, Brave The Wild is finally back, and here to stay! Joey does his best to attempt to close the gap between last year’s playoffs to today, then previews the following week, and ends with a brief catchup on a sobering Iowa Wild season. “Like”

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Purple Mafia Ep#183:Recurring Themes

Today’s game was filled with countless recurring themes for the Minnesota Vikings, good and bad. Despite the defense being very representative in this game, the Purple still couldn’t finish the job in the end. @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call In Line (209) 736-7877 [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Timberwolves Explosion Ep#130:Piece Of The Pie

Joey and Marcus are finally back, after a two month hiatus due to busy schedules. We do our best to catch up to the NBA and the Timberwolves. After a solid 2-2 start, Rubio got injured, and not only has the offense taken a dip, the defense has gone completely out of the picture. Paladino

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Purple Mafia Ep#182:Slump Busters

The Chicago Bears horrible defense, and out of control QB Jay Cutler spell a very winnable game for the Vikings, a chance to end the slump in Soldier Field. Unfortunately, it was the Vikings who ended all of the Bears slumps on Sunday. @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call In Line (209) 736-7877 [Audio

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The Crossover Ep#159:New Beginnings

The guys are back to discuss the first flourish of NBA action for the Knicks and Nets. The Knicks started reasonably but are on a 4 game skid. The Nets are faring better and are near the top of the East. All this and, as a bonus, the answer to life’s big question – should

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Purple Mafia Ep#181:More Baby Steps Forward!

In an unorthodox episode of PM, Joey pieces together a pretty fun show, about an equally…second half, not game! Teddy Bridgewater’s development continues to move forward, and the Vikings defensive line stands strong through out the day, the team itself still has a ways to go though. @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call

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The Crossover Ep#158:Guess who’s back, back again…

The guys are back for episode #158 – the first of 2014-15 – to bring you up to speed on everything Nets and Knicks before their new seasons tip off. Which franchise is destined for a better year? Can the Nets even stay healthy? Download to find out. Hosted By: Rusty & PMAC [Audio clip:

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