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Purple Mafia Ep#202:Ripped Off

After the Vikings and Packers game in TCF Stadium, many a fan at the game, or at home for many reasons, felt ripped off. The paying fans wanted their money back, the fans watching from home, wanted their Sunday back, and at the end of the day, many more still, thought the zebras and the

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Purple Mafia Ep#201:Newman’s Blackhole

Terrance Newman was a black hole for Derek Carr, intercepting two passes, both at very opportune times, but none bigger than in the endzone with just over two minutes remaining in the game. Adrian Peterson continues to have an amazing season, leading the Vikings with 203 yards, and also leading the NFL by a similar

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Purple Mafia Ep#200:Wind Factor

The Minnesota Vikings are now in first place, thanks to Adrian Peterson, Mike Zimmer’s gutsy move at the end of regulation, and most of all, the Wind Factor! All of us would like to beat the hell out of Greg Williams for what his defense did to Brett Favre, now we can add Teddy to

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#157:Battling The Rim, And The Refs!

Andrew Wiggins struggled mightily the first four games of this season, and finally broke threw with 31 in Chicago. Many people think K.A.T is already the best player on the team now, and long term, your host is not quite ready for that just yet. The Wolves struggled with their shooting most of the week,

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Purple Mafia Ep#199:Walsh’s Windy City Wonders

It was a tough day for Teddy Bridgewater, as has been for many a Vikings QB when they are required to pay their annual visit to the windy city of Chicago. Despite the ugliness of this game, two men in particular saved the day, or “dugg” the Purple out so to speak, leading Minnesota to

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#156:Double Towns

The Minnesota Timberwolves started out the season 2-0, winning for Flip, which is downright wonderful, but what’s also great is who lead the way. Ricky Rubio started out the season with a Chris Paul like performance in LA, and followed up solidly in Denver. Karl Anthony Towns already is making his mark as a future

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The Crossover Ep#166:The Titanic Division – back with a vengeance!

The guys are back and cover all the games played since the last episode. Show highlights include the Knicks blowing out the Heat (again), the Nets ‘brawling’ with the Celtics, Brook and Camby’s big man feet injuries, Melo’s paper cut, Felton’s 30 shots with no regrets and the bloody Pelicans! Hosted By: Rusty & PMAC

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Purple Mafia Ep#198:Vikings Digg Detroit

Given the Vikings long-term road woes, things looked oh so familiar when Detroit had built a 17-6 lead in the second quarter. Luckily, Bridgewater, Diggs, and the Purple defense had something quite different in mind. @purplemafiashow Hosted By: Joey Awaijane Call In Line (209) 736-7877 [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Timberwolves Explosion Ep#155:The Heaviest Of Hearts

Words cannot describe my sadness for what has taken place, in the death of Flip Saunders. “Like” Timberwolves Explosion on Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at: 209-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey Awaijane & Marcus the “Forecaster” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Brave The Wild Ep#108:Shaky, Yet Strong!

The Minnesota Wild have started out this new season with a very strong record, but it certainly wasn’t as easy is their 7 out of 8 points would indicate. The Wild had to recover from a 3 goal deficit in Colorado, and went on to win in an amazing game. As for Devan Dubnyk, he’s

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