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Chiefs/Giants pregame

Here we are one year later. Yes, the lovely Arrowhead magic that now occurs every once in a while rather than every home game. The Chiefs, who were 0-3, snapped their 12 game losing streak against the 3-0 Denver Broncos at home. This year, the 0-3 Chiefs, losers of seven straight dating back to December, will host the 3-0 New York Giants. Will history repeat itself? Let’s not push it. Remember, the Broncos have choked twice in the past three seasons while starting off with a good record. This is the New York Giants we’re talking about. They are still the same Giants team that won the Super Bowl, despite Michael Strahan retiring and Plaxico Burress released by the team. This Giants team still comes out strong and have very good depth. Eli Manning has evolved himself into an elite quarterback as well. The Chiefs will need to take advantage of New York’s weaknesses, and there obviously aren’t many. Keys to the game: Run the ball: I don’t care who it is. Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles or Jackie Battle. The running backs will need to be very consistent against this 20th ranked run defense. Ryan O’Callaghan will start for the Chiefs at right tackle. Can he help Kansas City do well in the running game? That is a question we’ll have the answer to shortly. No interceptions: Matt Cassel has a 3-to-2 TD-to-INT ratio in his two games so far. The Giants have five interceptions so far on the season and are ranked number one against the pass. The $60+ million quarterback will need to take advantage of Dwayne Bowe returning. Yes, I said it, Bowe will play! Hopefully Cassel can hook up with Wade and Bowe in the endzone. It will be a very tough task. We can all sit here and hope for the Arrowhead magic to return this afternoon in Kansas City, but its best if we wait for another day. Giants win this 41-10.

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Chiefs/Raiders pregame

Posted by FarzinVousoughian | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 15-11-2009



This afternoon, the Chiefs are facing the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have won the previous three meetings at Arrowhead Stadium, however, Kansas City has not lost to Oakland at the Black Hole since 2002. That was the final regular season game with a majority of the AFC still in contention to make the playoffs. The Raiders drenched Kansas City’s dream under the rain in a 24-0 shut out. Since then, the Chiefs have not lost at Oakland since 2003.

I feel Kansas City can keep that up. Despite getting humiliated by Oakland in week two, Todd Haley has a more focused team without Larry Johnson. The team also has added more power to their receiving core with Chris Chambers in the mix. The Chiefs will also feature running backs Jamaal Charles and Kolby Smith in this game. Despite fumbling the ball, Charles has been effective running the ball due to the speed he brings to the game. Smith has a good history against the Raiders. His first NFL debut consisted him of running 150 yards off of 30 carries against the Raiders.

The Raiders are dealing with many issues on and off the field, mainly surrounding head coach, Tom Cable. Jamarcus Russell has been negatively consistent throughout the season. He’s only thrown two touchdowns and nine interceptions. Russell completed only seven passes against the Chiefs in week two, however, more than 50% of his completions came in the game winning drive for the Raiders.

Cable seems to be very obsessed with Russell as Russell has thrown the ball 182 times and has been sacked 23 times with an even 1,000 yards passing. Giving him an atrocious 48.3 QB rating.

There is only one key in this game for the Chiefs. Simply apply the pass rush on Russell. If outside linebackers Tamba Hali and Mike Vrabel can get to him, Russell will eventually be forced to make passes that Cable does not want to see. It will either force a turnover or three-and-outs. Allowing the Chiefs to win the time of possession battle. The only question remains, how will Todd Haley mange his football team when they have the football? The Chiefs worked with their new offense last week. Can we see an improvement this week? That will be up to Haley’s play calling. I’ll give Kansas City the small victory, hoping Haley, Cassel and everyone else has learned from their errors in week two.

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