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Chiefs/Raiders Post-Game

I’m just going to flat out tell you something that every Chief fan will hate. Hate it or not, this is the plain truth. The Chiefs did not deserve to win this game. The Chiefs were by far the better team dominating in first downs, total net yards, and time of possession, which obviously was the complete opposite last week at Baltimore. However, the bottom line is, Kansas City lost. The Chiefs did many things correctly except for one thing, and that was putting points on the board. Last week, the Chiefs forced their defense to play for almost 40 minutes of the game. Today, the Chiefs time of possession was very similar to last weeks except for the fact they were on the better end of that stat. Todd Haley can thank his run defense. They limited the Raiders running game and forced JaMarcus Russell to make bad throws. When the Chiefs offense took over, they ran the ball a lot and took a lot of time off the clock, trying to wear out the Raiders defense. That is exactly what the Ravens did to the Chiefs in week one. However, Michael Huff was the poison picking off two Matt Cassel passes. Cassel did bounce back in his debut as a Chief throwing a touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe. However, the Raiders were not ready to give this game away. By the time the two minute warning arrived, the Raiders two minute offense dominated the Chiefs two minute defense. In the end, Darren McFadden ran inside the endzone for the the only (and the game winning) touchdown for the Raiders, 13-10. Before halftime, head coach Todd Haley decided to forego a field goal attempt with 14 seconds to go before halftime at the nine yard line. Cassel dumped off a pass to running back Dantrell Savage as a pair of Raiders threw him to the ground, and with no timeouts left, the Chiefs missed out on the opportunity of scoring three points heading into halftime. Many want to blame Cassel for his poor passing decision and I do not disagree with anyone. But here is one thing everyone needs to keep in mind. When you have zero timeouts and if your at the nine yard line and want to get one more play off with 14 seconds remaining, your making the job easy for the defense. Due to the fact the team is at the nine yard line, they only have to worry about a small portion of the field. There is no doubt in my mind the defensive coaches for the Raiders asked all their defensive backs and linebackers to play hard coverage and not allow the ball to get past the endzone. They did exactly just that. This was all on Todd Haley. As a Super Bowl offensive coordinator, he should have known much better. The game was tied at three and the Chiefs could have taken a three point lead heading into halftime. The Chiefs did get the ball back after halftime, which made the decision to go for it more confusing. That play call came back to haunt the Chiefs. Individually and as a team, the Chiefs dominated the Raiders except for the interceptions by Michael Huff. Huff’s interceptions were enough to help the Raiders limit the Chiefs. Kansas City should have never scored 10 points. They should have had much more on the score board. The Raiders were 3/13 on third down and only gathered 11 first downs, all in just 21:21 possession. Despite how ugly those statistics were, they still managed to overcome adversity on the road in one of the loudest stadiums in the league, despite several empty seats. And only time will tell when the loudness of Arrowhead Stadium will go down.

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Chiefs/Chargers pregame

Posted by FarzinVousoughian | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-11-2009



The Chiefs and Chargers meet again, this time at Qualcomm Stadium. In the last meeting, Kansas City’s run defense limited LaDainian Tomlinson to 71 yards off of 23 carries. However, San Diego backed away from the running game and attacked with their receivers. Philip Rivers threw three touchdown passes. Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles and Malcom Floyd got into the endzone. Sproles and Jackson were both big contributers as each one of them caught a pass over 50 yards. The only touchdown scored by Kansas City was from Matt Cassel to Dwayne Bowe. Bowe will be not be in action as he serves his second suspension out of the four he must sit out from. Chris Chambers had no participation in the first meeting, being cut by San Diego for lack of production, which has been the complete opposite for Kansas City. The Chiefs have also moved forward without Larry Johnson.

Jamaal Charles and Chris Chambers have been key contributors since becoming starters in Kansas City. After losing to the Chargers 37-7, many things must go perfect for the Chiefs in order to pull out another upset. The Chargers, who have won five straight, defeated Denver last week to become leaders in the division. If Kansas City Chiefs fans want to see their team pull out a miracle and make a playoff appearance, then this is a must win game for the Chiefs.

Keys to the game:

1. Play defense: The Chiefs defense allowed over 400 yards and 37 points in the previous meeting and need to limit the Chargers in round two.

2. Feed the ball to Charles: Out of all rushes, receptions and kick returns in the past three games (since the bye week and without Larry Johnson on the active roster,) Charles has 59 touches for 492 total yards from scrimmage (41 rushes-197 yards, 9 receptions-41 yards, 9 kick returns-257 yards.) He’s averaging eight yards per touch in the past three games. Larry Johnson has 461 total yards from scrimmage on the season. This should clearly state how valuable of an asset Charles is.

I’m picking the Chiefs to stop the red-hot San Diego Chargers 17-10. This will be tough, but without Johnson and his distractions, the Chiefs won’t be set back. If they lose, that clearly puts their hopes of reaching the playoffs in a miracle manner in jeopardy. I have no problem with seeing this team lose, as long as they don’t set beat themselves by setting themselves back.

Chargers Inactives: CB Dante Hughes, RB Michael Bennett, S C.J. Spillman, C Nick Hardwick, OT Jon Runyan, WR Buster Davis and DE Luis Castillo. The inactive third quarterback is Charlie Whitehurst.

Chiefs Inactives: OLB Mike Vrabel, G Andy Alleman, RB Dantrell Savage, LB Justin Rogers, TE Sean Ryan, TE Jake O’Connell and LB David Herron. The inactive third quarterback is Matt Gutierrez.

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