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Chiefs/Redskins pre-game

It must happen today. As the Redskins head into week six, facing their sixth straight winless opponent, the Chiefs must find a way to add the number one in the win column. The Chiefs will be without safety Jarrad Page. I’m interested to see how Jon McGraw and DaJuan Morgan do when they take over. Left tackle, Branden Albert, will also be out. I hate to say it, but that may be a good thing. Backup center and guard, Wade Smith, will take over Albert’s spot like he did last week. He did very well in that position in which he has not played for in a while. The numbers don’t lie, but they must be fake. Washington is ranked sixth in the NFL in points allowed and fifth in total defense. Again, those are all against opposing teams with no victories. (The only good team on that schedule were the New York Giants, who were obviously winless heading into week one while facing the Redskins.) I’d like to see the Chiefs expose their offense and prove to the NFL that those numbers are not real. The Redskins have struggled this year against the run, ranked 22nd in the league. I’d like to see Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles run through the Redskins defense. On a side note, Larry Johnson ran the ball 21 times and mustered 37 yards. It may be best in Todd Haley’s case to open his eyes and realize that if LJ struggles the first 20 carries (or even the first 15 or 10 carries,) then it may be best in his interest to give Jamaal Charles a chance, who has a 5.1 yard per carry average off of 15 carries, or abandon the run and stick with the passing game. We’ll see how much aggressiveness Haley and the Chiefs bring to FedEx field. Keys to the game: 1–Tamba the Monster: This season, I’ve been focused on the pass rush and the defensive backs to come through, instead, they haven’t. Linebacker, Tamba Hali, has 14 tackles and two forced fumbles (both on QB sacks.) Haley should use Hali as the number one pass rusher. Simply have Hali blitz once the Redskins offensive line gets distracted and begin blocking the quiet trio of defensive ends, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson and Tank Tyler/Ron Edwards at the defensive tackle spot spot. Yes, that means use the weak defensive line as a decoy. Oh yeah, offensive tackle, Chris Samuels is out for the Redskins. 2–The Decoy Show: The Redskins pass defense, ranked fifth in the league, will be keeping their eye on Dwayne Bowe. Redskins cornerback, DeAngelo Hall, is the only Redskin with an interception this year. He has three on the season and will be matched up against Bowe, who has three touchdowns in four games this season. Bowe has a tough challenge against him. But Hall will be receiving help, adding a double team on Bowe. Bowe will have to distract the Washington defensive backs and take them away from the field and allow Bobby Wade to catch some passes and get extra yards after the catch. This is similar to the time when Tony Gonzalez always distracted the defense and made every player cover him, allowing other receivers get wide open. 3–Run, Jamaal, Run!: Maybe if LJ is injured and if he plays in the running game, then yes. But Jamaal Charles will need to be a key asset in the kick return game. This will be a low scoring game in which both offenses may go three-and-outs a lot. Charles will need to come through with a pair of big returns to give the Chiefs good field position. Kansas City should be able to win this football game, if they don’t, then this will be a longer season than the way it looked before. The Redskins offense has struggled on the season. They’ve not scored more than 17 points this season against these winless teams. Yes, Kansas City is a winless team also, but I still like KC’s chances. I’m picking Kansas City to win in a 20-10 low scoring game. Chiefs — WR Quinten Lawrence, CB Donald Washignton, FS Jarrad Page, LT Branden Albert, TE Jake O’Connel, TE Brad Cottam and LB Pierre Walters. Serving as the inactive third quarterback is Matt Gutierrez. Redskins — P Hunter Smith, CB Kevin Barnes, RB Anthony Alrdige, OT Chris Samuels, LB Robert Henson, G Chand Rinehart, WR Marko Mitchell and DT Anthony Montgomery. The Redskins have just two quarterbacks on their 53-man roster. The backup for starter Jason Campbell is former Chiefs backup QB Todd Collins.

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Chiefs/Bills pregame

Posted by FarzinVousoughian | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-12-2009



The Kansas City Chiefs host the Buffalo Bills, the second of three consecutive home games. Head coach Todd Haley and the rest of the Chiefs dodged questions from the media when asked about the possibility of a blackout. Their biggest concern was to focus on this matchup. I guess it’s safe to say that the team doesn’t care a whole lot about their fan base. And lets keep in mind, a lot of the players’ salaries come from the fans. I’ll leave it at that.

This week in one of the press conferences, Haley had a very interesting statement. He was asked by one reporter about the meltdown against Denver.

“Everybody else sees the obvious, sees a game.” Haley said. “It’s easy to say coming out of that game, as I heard in the hallway from one guy, ‘that awful game.’ That’s from a non-expert.”

If I could have attended that press conference, I’d ask Haley that if that was not an awful game, what can we consider that? Matt Cassel has a very positive attitude, despite the awful game last Sunday. And let’s be honest with one another, that was an awful game. Cassel claimed that others do not know what he’s doing in the game, such as his reads.

This franchise continues to make lousy excuses. I don’t expect them to admit that last Sunday’s game was not awful, but I certainly don’t expect anyone to deny it. For two weeks in a row, the Chiefs allowed their (divisional) opponents to score more points than any other team.

As Haley stated, “its no mystery” when referring to the games. The franchise understands behind closed doors that this is an awful team, otherwise, the Chiefs would not have asked the NFL for a 24 hour extension to avoid a blackout.

People continue to say that this team will be back on track. I felt that way when Scott Pioli came in, but wasn’t 100% certain with Haley. Haley has showed a lot of positives and a lot of negatives as a head coach. It’s very hard to see how this team will turn things around with the current state of the franchise. The Chiefs have plenty of draft picks this year. Pioli is also known as one of the best evaluators when searching for talent. This off-season, it didn’t seem to be that way.

I’ll avoid keys to the game since I spent a lot of time on the week in review. I’m picking Buffalo to beat Kansas City. Kansas City is really good at building a ladder for opponents who have talented players struggling to find a breakout game. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Terrell Owens have a chance to go out there and have some fun on the road against a very weak defense. The Chiefs can surprise us at any time. Let’s just see the result. Bills win 28-10.

CHIEFS INACTIVES: WR Quinten Lawrence, LB Justin Rogers, TE Sean Ryan, TE Jake O’Connell, RB Dantrell Savage, LB Pierre Walters and G Ikechuku Ndukwe. The inactive third quarterback is QB Matt Gutierrez

BILLS INACTIVES: WR Justin Jenkins, TE Joe Klopfenstein, WR James Hardy, DE Chris Ellis, CB Ashton Youboty, DB Cary Harris and DT John McCargo. The third inactive quarterback is Brian Brohm.

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