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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#153:Super State Of The Timberwolves Part 2

The 2015 version of the annual State Of The Timberwolves is here at long last! Just like last year, this dragged into July, also like last year, someone from the great Courtside Podcast joins Joey. (Vince this time). Joey and Vince go wall to wall Wolves on the draft, on and off season wrap ups,

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#142:All Kinds Of Surprises

Joey has a blast recording this episode in general for so many reasons, mostly because he just loves this show so much. With the above said, Joey rants about the Clippers, and the surprisingly disappointing Nuggets games, then raves about the surprising Blazers game. The final and most exciting surprise occurs during the break after

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#141:Energy, Defense, Leadership, Wisdom

Kevin Garnett is here, and he’s already making himself a factor on the court, as well as even more-so off it, as well as intensifying the culture of the team, while NOT taking leadership away from Rubio. “Like” the Timberwolves Explosion Facebook Page! @wolvesexplosion @forecasterTE Call into our Phone Lines: 209-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey Awaijane

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#140:Becoming Winners

The energy of key players for the Timberwolves present and future is already taking a step up, as Rubio and Wiggins lead the team to victory against the Phoenix Suns. Rubio and Wiggins connected on a clutch play, that was much tougher than it looked because of a perfect lead pass by Rubio, and a

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#139:Garnett Is Back!

Welcome to this emergency episode of Timberwolves Explosion, as we welcome Kevin Garnett back to Minnesota! Joey talks about all the positives that such a crazed energized mentor can bring to a team filled with youth and talent! “Like” Timberwolves Explosion of Facebook @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at:209-736-7877 Hosted By: Joey Awaijane &

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