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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#165:Kobe’s Blessing

The Timberwolves continue to show positive signs, and at the same time have struggled to finish in close games. After struggling mightily against Utah and Portland, shooting 5-29 overall, something very special took place in Staples Center for Andrew Wiggins. Also on Stitcher and Double Twist! @wolvesexplosion Call into our Phone Lines at:209-736-7877

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Showtime And Twolves Ep#14:Mop Up Duty

Joey and Vince finally return after a long hiatus to talk about our favorite teams. Unfortunately, both clubs are in mop up duty for this season, but there are things to look forward to in the near future, along with the upcoming draft! The boys go all over the place talking multiple NBA stories, including

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Showtime And Twolves Ep#6: Triple Digits

Vince and Joey are back to talk about a couple of wins, a few really bad losses, and overall a pooress defense that continuously give up 100 points! The boys have their weekly beer check, and Joey hints at some good news regarding Tallgrass Brewery. As usual Joey and Vince talk about their retro Wolf

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#114: No Rhyme Or Reason

This episode is what we would describe as an “emotion show.” Paladino Joey and The Forcaster are back to discuss a team where nothing really makes sense. The Timberwolves can’t beat Boston, crush Portland, get crushed by the Lakers, and then literally give away a game against the hated Clippers. This episode is filled with

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#111: Back And Forth

Paladino Joey is joined for the second consecutive episode with the Courtside’s Vince Germano! In this show, we discuss a fairly up and down week with the Wolves, with huge blowouts vs Cleveland and Boston, only to be pretty disappointed in losses to Denver and Washington. After they review the games, Joey and Vince go

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#99: Too Little Too Late

Paladino Joey and Marcus The Forecaster are reunited at long last, and the duo go deep into the Lakers conspiracy that’s growing. Rick Adelman gains his 1000th win, Ricky Rubio gets even better, and Pekovic is doing the best he can to maximize his next contract. This season has been the year of streaks, and

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Timberwolves Explosion Ep#95: Trade Deadline 2013 Approaches

The NBA Trade Deadline is upon us, as Joey and Marcus the “Forcaster” talk about what could be coming, as well as what’s likely just another rumor that will be swept under the rug. The boys go over the last two weeks of Timberwolves news and action only the way they can! Facebook: Search for

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The Crossover Ep. #63: Playoff and Draft talk

Published by in The Crossover on May 17th, 2009

In this episode; Rusty and Pmac discuss the playoff situation to date, the season’s award winners, and the recently announced All-NBA teams. The guys also drop the names of a few youngsters to watch out for, come draft time. Hosted By: Rusty & PMAC [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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