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A Complete Fucking Disgrace

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Disclaimer: The following blog entry was written just after the Nets/Lakers game on Sunday the 29th of November. The thoughts, opinions, and emotions contained within this entry were brought to the fore by the accumulating effect that a 0-17 start to a season can have on one humble basketball fan. You’ve been warned!

Today’s performance was just completely fucking disgusting. I stopped watching at the end of the third, but I should have stopped at the end of the first. For pretty much the entire game, we were down by 20+, 34 at one stage. To have ultimately lost by only 19 points was for us to pull off the greatest of escapes. Steve McQueen would indeed be proud.

Now I know we were playing the Lakers today, but that’s no excuse for a complete lack of effort on both ends of the floor. This was the first game all season that I saw absolutely no effort coming from all-bar-one of our guys (Brook). Everyone else - including CDR, C-Lee, and Devin this time - couldn’t give a flying fuck. And this was the team’s first game after their fucking coach was fired because of a 0-16 start! NEWSFLASH ROCKIN’ ROD AND B-RAT…. LAWRENCE FRANK WASN’T THE REASON WE WERE AND ARE THE WORST TEAM IN THE NBA. CHRIST!!!

In today’s game, not only did those ass-sucking, butt-fucking, cum-guzzling, piece of shit bandwagon Lakers fans mock us from start to finish, but the game’s announcers did too. THAT is the epitome of de-moralization. At one stage, for at least half a quarter, the announcers were seriously discussing the possibility, nay, the PROBABILITY of Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant outscoring our whole team. During that conversation, Kobe drained three wide-open 3-point shots. After the third dropped, he looked sincerely angry. I asked myself why he of all people felt the need to be pissed off… then it clicked. He was pissed off that he - arguably the best player in the best basketball competition on earth - had to play against a defense that couldn’t stop a runaway wheelbarrow with an automated Soviet tank. It was obvious that Kobe felt genuinely insulted by the mere thought of a team leaving him wide open… shot, after shot, after shot.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as angry at a sports team as I am right now. The Nets were a complete shambles and an embarrassment before tonight’s game (due to no fault of their own in some ways), but none of that mattered today and none of that is going to be reflected in the history books when we wind up with what will probably be a 0-30 start to an NBA season. Yes, we’re a frighteningly young team. Yes, we’ve had more injury hassles this season already than some teams have had in the last 3-4 seasons. Yes, we traded our three best players over the last five years (four if you go back another year to the K-Mart trade) to free up future cap space. But you know fucking what… right now, that’s all irrelevant. Right now, we’re un-watchable - and thanks to today’s insipid performance by a team that has only had its pride and hard working attitude to hang its hat on throughout the season to date - we’re bordering on un-supportable.

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Nets v. Knicks - Beyond the W/L Column

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Even the true-bluest of Knicks fans on our forums have commented on the lack of passion shown by just about everyone on the team’s roster. John Schuhmann of notes that:

For the 0-8 Nets, their offense is even worse [than the Knicks'], ranking 29th in efficiency and having failed to score 20 points in nine different quarters this season. New Jersey is the only team in the league without a win, and was just 1-6 in the preseason. They even lost all five of their summer league games in July. Dating back to the final game of last season, the Nets’ organization has lost 20 of their last 21 games.

Yet somehow, the Nets don’t seem nearly as dispirited as their counterparts across the Hudson River. They’ve got seven guys on the shelf, including four starters, and All-Star point guard Devin Harris has been out since Game 2. But in each of their last three games, the Nets have shown energy and fight, losing tight games to Philadelphia (twice) and Boston.

See, as bad as the Nets are - W/L obviously the worst in the league - the Knicks are worse in many ways. They might have the most injury-depleted roster in the league, but the Nets (the players that can actually take to the court) are obviously giving their all; Rafer Alston’s unfathomable triple-double against former team Orlando, battle-scarred Trenton Hassell’s career offensive game the other night, Josh Boone’s rebounding from a position completely foreign to him (PF), Eduardo Najera’s un-willingness to back down from one-on-one contests in the post, Terrence Williams’s rebounding from the off and point guard spots and his willingness to get to the hoop at all costs… ALL of these are signs that the Nets are fighting on pure spirit. They have nothing else.

The Knicks on the other hand (one win better off than the Nets, not ten wins better off as some Knicks fans make them seem)… Well Chris Duhon (the team’s so called leader) is shooting at something like 24% from the field and he seems un-willing to acknowledge that. The team as a whole has been outscored by 50 points IN FIRST QUARTERS! To me, that’s absolutely the most damning team statistic in NBA basketball. It should be plastered all around the Knicks’ MSG locker room. It should be the first thing mentioned in practice each time. IT SHOULD spur the team on - to at least start games off on the right foot, to provide them with enough motivation to play hard enough to avoid complete embarrassment (both individual and collective)…. But it doesn’t. Unbelievably, the Knicks are the best finishing team in basketball - scoring more points in the 4th than any other side - but it amounts to absolutely nothing. They’ve all taken semi-automatics and shot themselves in the feet long before the 36th minute of games. How does a side ever recover from that? How can it foster the growth of team chemistry or morale? How can the Knicks realistically muster any kind of optimism? All of these questions relate to what are seemingly deep-seeded cultural issues that may prove impossible to eradicate for quite some time.

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