About the blog!

Rusty and Pmac realised in late 2007 that a podcasting world without them, wasn’t one they wanted to live in. So, they took on the frightening prospect of creating ‘The Crossover’ and became¬†the greatest podcasting duo to have ever formed an amateur internet radio show revolving around the Nets and Knicks.

Some call them trendsetters, others - hopeless buffoons, but if you’re to call them anything - call the two boys dedicated to the cause. Almost every week (clearly not EVERY week…. drinking often gets in the way of that somewhat ambitious goal), they bring their daily lives to a screeching halt to get behind the mic and present you with all the latest in the dramatic lives of TCO’s main characters - the Right Hon. Goodyear Blimp (played by Eddy Curry), Starbury (Stephon Marbury in his Podcast Emmy nominated role), Isiah Thomas (Isiah Thomas), and VC (Vince Carter - Rusty’s foremost man crush). These infamous figures all star (or have at one point) as key players in the tri-state basketball scene and play defining roles in the lives of our two hosts… so much so, that if Rusty and Pmac didn’t talk about them regularly, they would actually explode (their team of medical experts is of this opinion, anyway).

Many women believe that behind every podcaster is a blog with… well… another podcaster. The immortal Cyndi Lauper said it best - and we’re paraphrasing here… “Podcasters¬†they want to have blogs. Oh podcasters just want to have– That’s all they really want, some blogs, when the working day is done, podcasters– they want to have blogs. Oh podcasters just want to have blogs.

Have a nice day.