Without A Curse Ep#441:Adrian Gonzalez Should Never Play Outfield

Alex discusses all of the major Red Sox topics from the week, including the asinine, but apparently realistic notion that Adrian Gonzalez may play some outfield during this upcoming 9 game National League road trip. Doesn’t the risk far outweigh the reward with this?

Alex also talks about Jed Lowrie undergoing shoulder surgery, and he hands out the “post of the day” (www.thesportsstuff.com/boards). The series loss to the Padres, including how the Red Sox handed the Padres two games is touched upon too.

In the “Around the League” segment, Alex opines on the mess with the Dodgers and how Bud Selig is acting correctly now but was far too late on this. In addition to that, Alex gives an update on Albert Pujols, the AL East standings, and more.

“The Alex Reimer Show” airs Saturday’s from 3-5 PM EST on 1120 AM WBNW Boston, www.moneymattersradio.net, and www.livestream.com/wbnw1120.

Hosted By: Alex Reimer



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